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Healthy Eating: The basics that protect your family

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Growing up as an active child, the indian cuisine was always plentiful, always aromatic, always a tastebud sensation. What child eats sarson ka saag (mustard leaf greens) with makki di roti (cornmeal flatbread) ! It was also always accompanied with a good cuppa, our heavenly warming Punjabi Cha (tea).

The thing both Indian food and drinks have in common are their medicinal foundations. We grew up eating healthy without even knowing it.

Take our Cha, it's not just black tea, but infused with spices to aid digestion and proper organ function. It is nourishing, nurturing, and aiding the body whilst being incredibly joyous to drink. In winter, as we substitute the caffeine for tulsi (indian thyme) and add some lemon and honey, it becomes a strong cold prevention herbal remedy which the kids love! Every day begins with a morning tea ritual, sending wafts of spices on brew throughout the house, setting the intention for a healthy start and is immediately satisfied with a hug in a mug, our signature Punjab Cha.

This is why food is a joy to me, the process of brewing a tea or cooking is a delight. The flavours are always built from the same punjabi fundamental ingredients. Every meal in our house includes garlic, ginger, onion and a herb as a base. Then we build this into a curry, a bolognese, a sam choy bow, or even a basil pesto pasta. The end result is always a 10 vegetable/ herb dish, without needing a book on how to eat healthy, you have simply created your own version of a nutritious meal.

So how do you I keep up my families optimum health? Garlic and Ginger a day, goes a long way!

*Disclaimer* I am a food lover, Chef, and no Dietician. This is my story only, and as a sufferer of autoimmune diseases understand the inflammatory nature of spices and herbs, so substitute these for plenty of other nutritional vegetables, and make wise choices, live life in balance.

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