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Green Goodness

Nutrionist & Counsellor & Cook

The Guidance You Need

The right food is key to a happier, healthier life. PINNI offers strategic tools and techniques to help clients achieve a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several personalized sessions, you’ll become well-versed at making the best food-related decisions for your health needs.

Specialising in Inflammatory and auto-immune issues, children's eating habits, easier family meal planing, homeopathy, Ayurvedya, as well as providing Food Prep, we are your balanced and holistic wellness house. 

Don’t wait to schedule your session today.

Fee: $110 per hour

Food Safety Supervisor

A Healthier You

We are a Licensed Food Safety Supervisor available for Business Consultation and Setting up of Food Premises as required by Qld Legislation.

Handy for Local Businesses who don't have to invest time and money in training up staff. 

Fee: $185 per hour. 

Recycling Bottles

Up-Cycle & Re-cycle

Better Decisions

WE LOVE OUR PLANET. That's why we have introduced collection of used PINNI Containers and Jars from your local Cafe's or direct to our door.

Community Composting & Gardening

Zero Waste Principles

Here at PINNI we strive to implement zero waste practises and we thrive on building community. Come join us to compost your neighbourhood waste in our community bins, learn to distribute worm tea, and help us grow organic produce in your pots, backyards, balconies for PINNI to buy back. Enjoy the taste of real food.

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