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PINNI Choc Chai

PINNI Choc Chai


A delicious blend of Aussie nuts, infused with gentle spice to aid digestion and awaken the soul. It's so NOT your average protein ball, it ain't no coconut and date blend! 


CHOC CHAI is our indulgent Pinni, for those wanting to take morish to the highest chocolate level. Yum. 


The richness of the nuts, the awakening elements of the fennel and ginger wrapped within an indulgent layer of premium vegan chocolate keeps you fuller longer, and totally satisfies making it perfect for Keto diets, and anyone really, who wants to enjoy life and wants to let their tastebuds travel!


To serve;

  1. On the go as a brekky ball. The ancient indians use to eat this mix as a granola for breakfast and then work on the farms until brunch! Imagine what it can do for you.
  2. Pinni goes best with any tea/coffee break, whether its morning tea or afternoon tea, enjoy a PINNI with your next coffee/chai break. 



Pesticide Free Almonds (46%) Pesticide Free Macadamia Nuts, (20%) Pesticide Free Cashews (12%) Pesticide Free Sultanas (6%) Organic Buckwheat (5%)

Ghee or Organic Coconut Oil (4%) Qld Ginger (3%) Fennel Seeds (2%) Organic Sesame Seeds (1%) Rapadura sugar (1%) Organic Raw Cacao (1%)



  • What's a Pinni?



    A celebration in itself, Pinni is hearty, satiating and nutritious. Traditionally eaten by the farmers of the northern Indian region for breakfast whilst sipping on their freshly brewed chai, to provide strength and vitality until they returned home.  

    Our Pinni Ball is made of all Australian nuts, including almonds, macadamia, cashews and sesame seeds, and combined with the delicious flavour of ginger, fennel seed, and healthy oils. Naturally low in sugar too! 


  • Health Benefits

    Naturally Nutty and packed full with Fibre, Protein, Vitamins & Essential Nutrients; Omega 3&6, Magnesium, Vitamin E, Iron, Calcium 


    Nuts are a superfood.  Rich in fibre and protein, which means they keep us fuller for longer, reducing the likelihood of overeating or filling up on junk food. They are also jam packed with beneficial vitamins and endless minerals including magnesium, calcium and iron. Ginger and Fennel Seeds are known for improving digestion and reducing inflammation amongst numerous other benefits. 

50 Grams
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