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PINNI is a holistic health business that takes you on a journey and tastes amazing! Our food is inspired by the aromas of Punjab, India and modernised to meet the ever growing needs for functional healthy snacks.

Our products are 100% natural with no added supplements, completely preservative and additive free and served fresh and alive, as food should be :) At PINNI we believe in reinforcing healthy lifestyle habits that make you look and feel better for the rest of your life.

We are proudly Australian Owned and Made with a focus on supporting and sourcing from local farmers.

A sustainable and environmentally conscious business our packaging is part biodegradable and part recyclable with onsite composting, recycling, and organic gardens. 

We thrive on community, and are passionate about creating a community hub for locally grown produce and gardening, shared composting and recycling, and plentiful of neighbourhood catch ups! 

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A celebration in itself, Pinni is hearty, satisfying and nutritious. Traditionally eaten by the farmers of the northern Indian region for breakfast whilst sipping on their freshly brewed chai, to provide strength and vitality until they returned home.​ 

Our Pinni Ball is made of all Australian nuts, including almonds, macadamia, cashews and sesame seeds, and combined with the delicious flavour of ginger, fennel seed, and ghee. Naturally low in sugar too! 

Nuts are a superfood.  Rich in fibre and protein, which means they keep us fuller for longer, reducing the likelihood of overeating or filling up on junk food. They are also jam packed with beneficial vitamins and endless minerals including magnesium, calcium and iron. Ginger and Fennel Seeds are known for improving digestion and reducing inflammation amongst numerous other benefits. 


Enjoy the journey of aroma, the crumbly nutty texture, the hint of infused spices, and the satisfaction of being nourished. The PINNI balls have multiple flavours;

-  Original Punjabi

- Vegan

- Raw Cacao

- Choc Chai 

Retailed in cafes, markets, gyms, grocery and health food stores.

Gluten Free        Non GMO             Keto Friendly

High in Fibre, Iron, Calcium

Vegetarian & Vegan Options

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Punjabi Cha


Cha is Punjabi for chai. An awakening infused black herbal tea stimulating digestion, relieving congestion, clearing toxins, and promoting proper kidney function. Its Ayurvedic foundations serve true in its purpose to kickstart the morning and at the same time balance, soothe and bring warmth to the body. No wonder the Punjabi's drink this every day! Hand made in New Farm with a delicious balance of aromatic spices and 100% Qld Ginger.

Available in the following flavours;

  • PUNJABI CHA - Traditional flavoursome and aromatic tea infused with spices and 100% Pesticide Free Black Tea, as well as 100% Qld Ginger. Your everyday breakfast black tea

  • PUNJABI KAPHA TEA - Balance your doshas. Your daily family herbal tea with all the benefits. Caffeine free. Child Friendly and helps not only beat the winter blues but colic also. 

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Organic Samosa

Vegan Samosa

Mouth Watering home-made gluten-free pastry filled with vegetable goodness of organic potatoes, Aussie peas, corns, carrot and all the herbal goodness of our garlic, ginger, coriander, and cumin mix.

GF Grass Fed Lamb Samosa

Mouth Watering home-made gluten-free pastry filled with locally New Farm sourced Aussie Grass Fed lamb combined with our signature spices and all the herbal goodness of our garlic, ginger, onion, coriander and cumin mix.

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Raw Chutneys


Organic Mint Chutney

A deliciously fresh, raw mix of tamarind, organic locally grown mint, onions and spices.

Tamarind Chutney

A bright deliciously red raw chutney with a tangy spicy mix of tamarind, capsicum, carrots, onions and our signature spices.

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Hot Hot Hot. A gentle sprinkle of these delicious chillies on any meal brings a smile to your chilli loving face. Preservative free, no added nasties. Just shake, sprinkle and enjoy.


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Healthy Clients, Happy Clients

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"Just wanted to let you know your Pinni are delicious! I love the crunch from the nuts and the unique Moreish :)
A big hit with teenagers too!!"

Marg Carey (Director PWC)

"Absolutely delicious!!! Just had one with a cup of tea...mmmmm would like to eat the other one now too but will have to save it for the rest of the family. So much flavour! Seriously love them!"

Kimberley Dewar (Active Mum)

"I got excited reading the label, taking delight in both the ‘farmers snack’ story and the list of punchy ingredients, both of which set me up for a taste adventure. A subtle, warm scent emerged as I unwrapped them, drawing me in again. When I bit in to a ball, I instantly loved the texture then swooned over the buttery, spicy flavours. A few mouthfuls later I was still savouring the range of flavours and enjoying the fact that they were not too sweet and ‘just right’. Suddenly I finished it, and my thoughts ranged from “what a sumptuous little treat”, “I need a stash of those in my pantry”, “I need to have the next one with a good espresso” to “how does she do it?!”, “what a great way to start my day” and “these would make lovely thank-you presents”. Then all I wanted to know was how do I order.... Bravo!”

Julie McAllister (Teacher)

"I tried your protein balls and they are amazing! The texture and the taste are amazing! I love that they are not too sweet, just nutritious, filling and a small amount of sultanas to add enough sweetness. I love the nutty consistency. It's my kind of protein ball! Too many protein balls these days taste like coconut oil which isn't my preference. I would love to order some of your delicious wholesome protein balls too."

Lisa Holliday (Property Manager Alpha Hotel)

"Just had the most scrumptious vegan Pinni- yummy! And love the hint of fennel - differentiates it from the standard bliss balls. Thank you!"

Catherine Allen (Director Callen Consulting)

"Your nut snacks WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them!!"

Vanessa Friscia ( Director Vhub Dance)



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